We will take your concept, your ideas, your visions, and find a solution!

We start with a consultation to discuss your ideas. We can then offer our insight and form a solution. The end result is a high-performance, user-friendly application or web site that has been designed just for you, utilizing cutting-edge technology and the latest methodologies.


"If there is a better solution...find it."


          AHS is a technology consulting company. We provide web development, custom software, and database solutions. AHS works with customers to identify exactly what they want, working out a way to solve a problem that exists, or an opportunity that needs to be leveraged. Our consultants start with defining your needs in detail, preparing a proposal with a firm timeline, and setting up an interactive reporting process so you know where your project is at every step of the way.


       We take the client's needs and provide an elegant solution, turning your ideas into digital reality. From start-up companies, to the Fortune 500 - AHS has a proven track record in providing application development, database solutions, web development, IT consulting, eCommerce and eBusiness solutions, and software design services.


Custom Software Development


          AHS develops custom software and database solutions on time, on budget every time guaranteed!!! Our consultants work with clients to learn their unique business approach and apply our experience and technical expertise to provide the optimum technical solution for your business needs.


         AHS builds custom solutions tailored to your unique business model, and designs applications that are tailored to optimize the success of your organization. Our flexible development methodology allows us to provide you with these valuable services at up to 50% reductions in time and cost of development, simply because we know what we are doing.


System Evaluations


        AHS consultants will start by identifying business issues and requirements that your management and your user community want the system to address. We will then work to identify and document any needs that the current system does not address. Following this, the existing software system is thoroughly evaluated and graded in several areas. These areas include a tested need fit analysis, architecture, design, performance evaluation, usability evaluation, ocumentation, data model and object model evaluation.


       Finally,AHS will provide you a report that outlines everything that can be done to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your application, and enhance the profitability of your business.


Software Support


       AHS provides lifetime warranty on all of our solutions and also provides custom services for reports concerning the performance and state of your system at a fixed monthly cost. With a AHS support contract, your solution will be continually upgraded as new, proven technologies become available that can improve it.


       AHS consultants will work with you to continually evaluate and grade your application and identify areas of enhancement for your applications to continue performing at optimum levels.


System Troubleshooting


       AHS has an extensive development staff, and our partnerships with leading industry specialists like Microsoft and IBM provide us with an extensive set of proven tools and an analytical systematic approach to problem solving, that will identify and resolve your system problems methodically.


        We are experts at solving problems with ASP, Visual Basic, VBScript, J Script, VC++, C, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, Microsoft IIS, MTS.


         We have a 100% success rate with developing quality custom solutions, and resolving software problems for our clients.



Dedicated to Your Project Success


Our Professional Services teams manage customer projects from initial planning and development, through implementation, training and continued customer support.


Each step of the process is handled in a one-on-one personalized manner, and is specific to each customer's unique requirements. Our teams are dedicated to the success of your project and assist you in creating solutions that meet your goals to realize a return on your investment.



AHS Professional Services include:


1.     Existing Systems Evaluation

2.     Structure Design and Development

3.     Product Installation and Configuration

4.     Data Migration Services

5.     Training Programs

6.     Software Maintenance

7.     Customer Support



Why Should You

Use" A Hardsoft Solution"?


Because we are different from other computer consulting services.  We recommend a solution that will work best for you, and stay within your budget. 


We do not earn commissions on the products that we recommend or install.  We do not receive kick-backs from the stores that we recommend or buy from.  You pay us by the hour for straight, clean advice  and that is exactly what we deliver.  And we stand behind every recommendation we make.  We have spent countless hours investigating every computer and reseller that we recommend.  We wouldn't recommend something if we wouldn't use it ourselves.


We believe that honesty is the foundation for every successful business. 


At "A Hardsoft Solution",  you can trust us to find the solution that is right for you.



Want to Learn More?


For more information about our services, or for a price estimate on a specific project or computer system, please call us.














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