Mission Statement 


Our mission is to provide clients with advanced financial software, E- Business solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and network infrastructure. This will enable clients to leverage their investment in technology to enhance long-term equity value and maintain a strong competitive advantage to compete in the new digital E-conomy.                  


      As part of that philosophy, we have established our primary goal as achieving pro-active client service. This commitment is woven through our organization, beginning with training and individual empowerment, self-directed work teams, to incentive compensation based on client satisfaction.


                 We offer user-friendly & cost-effective software and integrated solutions for flexible and smart network management and monitoring. Our price schedule allow everyone from single user to major corporations to have the most balanced solution for network monitoring.


                 We are proud that our products are trusted by the well known organizations. Interface is user friendly, any user with no prior experience can easily use our products. We'll be happy to provide support services and consultation for our products.


               Consulting and Professional Services Our staff of experienced computer experts, plus our extensive pool of accomplished professionals in every computer specialty, can provide your company with the service and support you need for your most challenging information management tasks, or your simplest. If you need help for a few hours, a few days or a few months, we can be there for you.


              At AHS, one solution does not mean one size fits all. We will work with you to find the one solution that will meet all your IT application and management needs.

Best of all, AHS are built to be


"provide you solutions not just develop software"


              At A Hardsoft Solutions (AHS), we recognize that to be successful you need to focus on your core business strategy. After all, technology should enable you to work better, smarter, and faster-not bog you down in the details.


             AHS delivers the full scope of IT services-including infrastructure, software, application development/ implementation, maintenance and enhancements-in an end-to-end package.


             We make the application of electronic technology to any enterprise fast, effective, reliable, and scalable. Let us take care of hosting and managing the systems that you can't live without. We'll manage your system with the same kind of care and attention you put into your own business. We provide you with dedicated professionals with industry knowledge and technical expertise and the infrastructure to make it all work with Plug 'n' Play ease.






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